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Studio 7 combines a variety of workout methods for people with different physical training and age in three separate locations/studios. Anyone who wants to increase their physical activity, which will reflect in a better quality of life, can find a suitable workout for themselves in our studios.
Our approach with each client is individual and the workouts are conducted by professionals. During the first session, we analyze your physical capabilities and needs and together we set the foundation of your exercise program.


Tatyana Stoyanova and Yolana Ancheva met after many years of diverse professional and life experience and almost immediately embraced the idea of creating a unique place for sports where everyone regardless of age and physical shape can train properly. Tatyana as an experienced sports trainer was looking for the “best” training system and came to the conclusion that the Pilates method should be part of everyone’s daily life. The meeting with Yolana provoked the search for the best manufacturer of Pilates equipment. Along with this, a partnership started with acquiring the exclusive representational rights of Peak Pilates for Bulgaria, a manufacturer of some of the finest quality professional equipment for the Pilates system. In April 2015 the first Pilates studio in Bulgaria opened its doors for training following the original system created by Joseph Pilates. Studio 7 became a trademark the same year.

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