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The best way to increase your body efficiency and handle daily physical tasks is functional training. The exercises are aimed at improving the functioning and performance of the body while engaged in a certain activity, and not simply training individual muscles.

Functional training includes specially selected exercises that simulate the load of our daily activities, work, or sports, thus training the muscles and movements associated with them. Unlike other methods, with functional training, muscles from different parts of the body are trained together and incoordination, which contributes to the harmonious development of the body and its qualities. A distinctive characteristic of functional exercises is that they are multi-joint and often include equipment such as medicine balls, kettlebells, ropes, resistance bands, barbells, and other accessories. The body is loaded evenly and there are no isolated exercises, unnatural for a person’s daily movements.

  • Strength

Every person needs strength training in order to improve their quality of life, regardless of gender, age, or capability. Strength training includes resistance exercises to increase strength. Resistance can be obtained from various sources such as own weight, free weights, or various accessories (medicine balls, kettlebells, resistance bands). All complex, multi-joint exercises are good for strength training for a beginner or a person with little or medium training experience.

  • Cardio

An integral part of achieving good health is cardio training (exercises that strain the cardiovascular system).

Main benefits of cardio training: reduces the percentage of subcutaneous fat, improves heart function, improves blood circulation, which leads to better muscle function, reduces stress, increases tone, and improves body condition.

Any exercise that increases the heart rate and blood circulation can be called cardio exercise. The workout can be done with fitness equipment (treadmill, cross trainer, exercise bike, rowing machine, spinner, etc.) or with selected exercises performed with appropriate intensity (e.g. fun complex of movements and games).

  • Mobility

This training is aimed at improving the mobility and flexibility of the body. We include dynamic and static stretching, as well as various techniques for developing muscle elasticity and increasing the volume of movement in all joints. Stability of the body in space and coordination.

With regular and intense training or immobilization, many of the muscles shorten, which upsets the muscle balance. This interferes with normal posture and movement and creates constant muscle and joint tension, which leads to problems in the musculoskeletal system.

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